The Land of ‘Money’

When you look at her, you may take more than a minute to say that she has something extraordinary. However, when she starts saying words, you will not even have a second to deny that she is so special. I am very thankful to Allah SWT for giving me chances to meet up special people around.

And she is special not because she is intelligent, or smart, or beautiful, or talkative, or brave. But when she started to speak even a little word, it would knock you deep in the heart.

Looking back a year ago, I made a joke by saying to my parent that I want to work in Borneo’s Ireland. At first, they agreed with me but after a while they totally changed their mind. My mom was not happy because she has a thought that I am going to marry Sarawakian, as I am staying here! She was afraid if I am going to stay here throughout my life, which now I would say, inshaAllah mummy, I will and have to come back. No such thing as anything or anyone can stop me from going back home in Peninsular. No worries, mom.

And over past 3 months ago, she was shocked knowing I have to work in Sarawak. At first, I let myself calm by accepting Allah’s fate. As she is hoping me to stay around Peninsular, so I made an appeal for not going over the seas. Allah still wanted me to come here, Sarawak, the place I would never think of that I am going to stay here for at least 2 years! Phew!

Let us move back to the extraordinary saying from a special person. I asked her,

“So far, how do you find Sarawak?”

She answered,

“I am homesick. Tetapi rezeki saya di sini. This place is going to give me money. Not just money, but the lesson of life. The place to build maturity. The place to appreciate life. The new place to be independent.”

I nodded my head. Speechless.

This is my place. The place of ‘rezeki’. Rezeki in many ways!!

How do you defined rezki? The way you see life will give you the answer.

Mahfum Firman Allah (Saba’:24)

Katakanlah: “Siapakah yang memberi rezeki kepada mu dari langit dan dari bumi?” Katakanlah: “Allah”, dan Sesungguhnya Kami atau kamu (orang-orang musyrik), pasti berada dalam kebenaran atau dalam kesesatan yang nyata.

Mahfum Firman Allah (Al-Ankabut:60)

Dan berapa banyak binatang yang tidak (dapat) membawa (mengurus) rezekinya sendiri. Allah-lah yang memberi rezeki kepadanya dan kepadamu dan Dia Maha mendengar lagi Maha mengetahui.

Mahfum Firman Allah (Ali Imran:26):

Katakanlah: “Wahai Tuhan yang mempunyai kerajaan, Engkau berikan kerajaan kepada orang yang Engkau kehendaki dan Engkau cabut kerajaan dari orang yang Engkau kehendaki. Engkau muliakan orang yang Engkau kehendaki dan Engkau hinakan orang yang Engkau kehendaki. di tangan Engkaulah segala kebajikan. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas segala sesuatu.

Hadis Nabi s.a.w. bermaksud: “Barangsiapa tekun beristighfar, nescaya Allah mengadakan baginya jalan keluar dari tiap-tiap kesempitan serta diberi rezeki dari arah yang tidak  di sangka-sangka.” (H.R. Abu Dawud, Nasa’i, Ibnu Majah dan Hakim)



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